Washington, DC Welcome Sign (2)


After finding an older design Welcome to Maryland sign in Suitland, MD, I ended up a mile or so away at the border of Mt. Rainier, MD and Washington, a location where Google Street View had a current design Maryland welcome sign standing.  When I got there, however, the Maryland sign was missing.  Even with that disappointment, I was glad to find this Washington, DC welcome sign across the street.  The city currently utilizes two different types of welcome signs, an ornate brick sign that is usually seen in the less-traveled residential areas bordering Maryland, and this more traditional metal sign, which is found at the busy thoroughfares that intersect with Maryland and Virginia.

May 12, 2018
Michigan Ave., NE (Google Maps link)
Washington, DC


Washington, DC Welcome Sign


Washington, DC isn’t a state, but since my home state borders it and it is just like being in any other state with its own government and such, I’m including it in this blog.  DC has dozens of these ornate brick and concrete signs in residential areas bordering Maryland.  I really like them, as it captures the “feel” of the residential areas of DC with its classic, timeless look, and the city flag is presented in a tasteful way.  This sign was across the street from the Welcome to Maryland sign I found in Suitland, MD.  The city uses two welcome signs currently–these unique signs, as well as more traditional metal signs that are seen in the more congested and busy areas of Washington.

May 12, 2018
Suitland Rd., SE (Google Maps link)
Washington, DC

Maryland Welcome Sign


Maryland doesn’t have many welcome signs at its border with Washington, DC.  The few that they have are alongside congested interstates or highways with no place to safely pull off for a picture.  After some research, I found this sign in Suitland, MD.  It is a much older sign with a design that Maryland used prior to about 2001, which I was intrigued to find still standing today.  Its layout is reminiscent of the state’s 1980s-era license plates with the retro cursive font and state flag shield.  I had hoped to also get a picture with a new MD sign that was a few miles away from this one per my research online, but it was missing once I got there.  I’ll have to snag a current design MD sign the next time I’m near the state’s border with Delaware or Pennsylvania.

May 12, 2018
MD-218 (Google Maps link)
Suitland, MD
State 13 of 50

Virginia Welcome Sign


I live in Virginia near its borders with Washington, DC and Maryland, so the Welcome to Virginia signs are something I see very often.  Unfortunately, most of these signs in the DC area are overhead on bridges or are in locations inaccessible for picture taking.  You can imagine my surprise when I found this sign at a random welcome center about 15 miles inland from Virginia’s border with DC.  Virginia debuted this welcome sign design in 2015, which touts the state’s longtime tourism slogan.  Although the big heart is a little odd to have on a welcome sign, I do like how unique the sign is overall, especially how the background is black instead of green or blue like many other states have.  Anything is better than the blinding white cartoon signs that we had prior to 2015, or the 1980s-era signs we had before 2006.

May 5, 2018
I-66 Welcome Center (Google Maps link)
Manassas, VA
State 12 of 50

Pennsylvania Welcome Sign


I passed through Pennsylvania on my way home from Ohio and West Virginia in April 2018.  After almost giving up looking for a sign at the welcome center, I found one way off to the edge.  This sign was tiny!  It was lower than my waist while standing.  I had to sit on the ground to get a suitable picture.  Either way, PA’s sign is clever, as if the state knew tourists would be taking pictures with it.  I like how it includes the keystone motif, too.

April 21, 2018
I-70 Welcome Center (Google Maps link)
Claysville, PA
State 11 of 50



Since I was unsuccessful in finding an Ohio state welcome sign while there in 2018, this will have to do until I come across such as sign in the future.  I’m just glad I was able to get this picture without any embarrassment from others seeing me take it, as this was just a regular rest stop and not a tourist-focused welcome center.

April 21, 2018
I-71 Rest Stop (Google Maps link)
Oregonia, OH
State 10 of 50

West Virginia Welcome Sign


I was so relieved to find this sign.  I’ve been to West Virginia once before, and their welcome signs are overhead on the interstates.  I happened to stop at the first rest stop I passed after entering WV, and I found this interesting sign overlooking a breathtaking mountainous view.

April 18, 2018
I-64 Welcome Center (Google Maps link)
White Sulphur Springs, WV
State 9 of 50

New Hampshire Welcome Sign


This is likely the worst picture ever taken of me, but I should feel victorious for getting it.   I somehow forgot my sunglasses in my car before I hiked up to this sign, and the sun was blaring so bad in my eyes that I couldn’t even see my camera.  After a few failed tries in photographing the sky or the grass below me, I finally got one picture that worked.  The sign, much like Louisiana’s, is bilingual, probably due to the state’s proximity to French Canada.  I find it funny that the state peeled off some stickers that people put on it, but didn’t think to repaint the white areas left behind.

September 15, 2016
NH-9 (Google Maps link)
West Chesterfield, NH
State 8 of 50

Delaware Welcome Sign


After not wanting to risk my life stopping alongside the congested Delaware Turnpike to get a picture with the real Delaware welcome sign, I found the next best thing: a sign that hangs over the entrance doors to the state’s nice welcome center in Newark, DE.  This will do until I locate an actual Welcome to Delaware sign that isn’t on the interstate.

September 14, 2016
I-95 Welcome Center (Google Maps link)
Newark, DE
State 7 of 50

Georgia Welcome Sign


Georgia’s welcome sign is very modern and sleek.  I like it.  After passing lots of construction on I-20 coming from Alabama to Georgia that covered up the sign at the state line, I was relieved to find this huge sign a few miles in at the state’s welcome center.  I’m not sure why it is so tall, however, as it was located on the edge of the welcome center’s parking lot, near a picnic area.

April 19, 2016
I-20 Welcome Center (Google Maps link)
Tallapoosa, GA
State 6 of 50